Ashamaya is a Voyage of Color, Texture, Creativity, Elegance, Decadence, Quality and Comfort.

Based on the exotic island of Bali, renowned for its art and spirituality, Ashamaya’s creator Anaya takes her inspiration from her beautiful surroundings and incorporates motifs such as dancing serpents, the goddess Dewi Sita, the Buddha and more.

All garments are handmade to order on a palette of soft, textured high quality goat leather. Each piece is meticulously detailed using ornate studs, chains, lace and brass castings. Ashamaya designs incorporate only the highest quality materials, and our attention to finishing details such as pocket lining means that your garment can be counted on to maintain its beautiful appearance for years.

In addition to our published collection, Ashamaya specializes in custom orders for men and women. Anaya works closely with each client to produce a unique design which suits his or her style and fits to perfection.

Ashamaya designs are supplied to a small number of boutique shops across California.

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